These are some examples of my personal musical endeavors from current to past. If you would like to purchase, please contact me at I ask for 10 dollars a cd when shipping. For in-person exchanges I only ask 5.

I am currently creating music with my band Sundown Cicada. We have just completed our first EP "All is Right in the Woods Tonight".

The other bands listed below are projects I was heavily involved with in the past. I hope you enjoy.

(Click the song title to listen. Takes a second for music to buffer. Thanks for being patient.)


"In This Place We Run" by Sundown Cicada

"Sweet Gum Girls" by Sundown Cicada

"Dream Coracle " by Sundown Cicada

"Electric Fairyland " by Sundown Cicada

"For A Jungle Adventure" by Sundown Cicada

"Yeti Love " by Sundown Cicada



"Heart On My Sleeve" by Lord Loup'Rah

"3 of Her, 1 of Me" by Lord Loup'Rah

"Women of Supyulon Olma" by Lord Loup'Rah

"The Secret To Happiness" by Lord Loup'Rah

"The Hermit" by Lord Loup'Rah

"Undead Jungle Virgin Force" by Lord Loup'Rah

"Bovine Fantasy Invasion" by Lord Loup'Rah

"Planet of the Vulture Men" by Lord Loup'Rah




"The Boot" by Camel Vulture

"Trampled by 10 Million Ox" by Camel Vulture


"Bluff Creek Revival" by Cockalorum

"Devil in a Cornfield" by Cockalorum

"Fancy Dress Party" by Supple Vein and the Womenfolk

"I am a Wizard" by Supple Vein and the Womenfolk


"Zombie Onslaught" by Jesus Cadaver

"Slow Descent into Total Madness" by Jesus Cadaver